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My Experience Being a UiTMT student for one semester

It is too much to jot down all my experience in here. Firstly, I would like to share my feelings toward the environments and culture in Dungun. Since I came from different state with different lifestyle, I feel it is maybe hard to get along with all people here. First day in UiTMT, i am exciting to go to Teluk Gadung Beach. It looked very peaceful and make me want to swim in it. Then, I know that there are a few students who had drawn in there. Thats news made me shock for a while. I really do not expected that the sea have it own history... During MMS week, which is the first week I been here I tried to be comfort myself with my new friends here. I have three new friend that still be my best friend until today. They are Adrianne, Wany, and Nini. We come from different state but we can get along with each other.

Life as a university student is totally different than life as a secondary school student. Life here is more relaxing and enjoyable since no one control me. But, I always remind myself of taking care of my behavior. I keep in my heart that I come here with resolution want to study and achieve my ambition. Stay far away with my family teach me how to be independent. Going to class untill late nigth is a new environment for me. I need to manage my schedule so that I can do my assignment before the due date. It is challenging to be in here. But, it not make me give up. It make me feel more excited to finish my study here and graduate as a UiTM graduate.