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HOLIDAY is one of the best day that I always wait with excited feeling deep in my heart. Because of that reason, I had bought my bus ticket two week before the day that I should return home. Even though there were only three weeks stayed at UiTMT, I still felt excited to return home.
On 22nd of January 2009,which is been the historical day in my life because the bus that I should took on that Friday Night did not come. The bus was broken at Merchang. My friend and I need to wait until 10 hours at Dungun bus station. It became more horrible to us since we saw an accident happened in front of our eyes. The car had swept away then cross the divider to the other road side. The car's tyre was exploded and it's windows are brake. It scared us. After a few minutes, policemen and ambulance came. Thank God, nobody injured in that incident.

I finished my holiday by hang out with my friends.We hang out at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang. I spent one day at there. As usual, we watch movie and do window shopping. Besides, I also met my all schoolmate. There are eight of us. I missed them very much. There's been a long time not see them.

During my holiday, my grandparents had came to my house. Therefore, I need to acted as a good girl since my grandmother is orthodox-type of person. We went to all my relatives house at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.Spent all the day at our relatives houses was make me felt very bored.

I return to UiTMT on 30th of January 2009. I am surprised that I have got the same bus with Wany. We laughed all the times liked long time no see. Return two day before the class start give us more time to finished all assignment given by our lecturer.