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~My dream guy~

Talking about a dream guy make me think about prince charming in every fairy tale stories. A young prince. handsome, with white horse and a big castle. but nowadays, there are no more that type of prince charming.(I guest..hahaha...)

like every girls in the world, I also have my type of 'prince charming' that i have dream on. that person should a guy of course..hehehe..do not have to be too handsome because I hate handsome man. i feel handsome man just make me sick with all their stuff and what so ever things to care about their look.

secondly, he should be a person who are caring and loving. I believe in myself that I did not need more, just his love and take a good care of me can make me happy.(chewahh..) it is hard to find someone who are really take a good care of his partner. but, i know there are still this-type of man out there.(i guest again...ngeee...)

another thing that my dream guy should have is can stand with my ego. I admit that i am a big-headed-egomaniac person.(but sometimes my ego just flew away..do not know why..;p).i canmot admit if i am lose in any thing. i love to verify a person before i get know him. during that time, he need to have a full of patience because i am too much to treat them.(serve them right). and sometimes, i can be a unpredictable person.i can be friendly, i can be a ditactor, i can be what i want to be.

one more thing is he should be taller than me. i like tall guy. if he is thin, the more i like. it is because i do not to cook much for him.(hehehe...)it is okay if he is a chubby guy. but then, i need to learn how to cook with full of concerntration because i am not too good in cooking.

talking about cooking, i want my guy is a good cook. therefore, we can cook together and i can learn from him with free...( a strategy).i do not want a tooooo romantic guy because i am afraid of them. it is just okay if he know how to make me satisfy with him. and all of it I want he to be my crying shoulder when I feel drop.;))

i also want to make sure that he can play an instrument eventhough it just a kompang. i think that is very sweet. if not, it is okay if he was an athlete.(day dreaming...again...)

he should accept the way I am. b'cuz I am not like other girls. everyone know that very well.(hehe). the most important he not a smoker. I hate guy who smoking even though some people think they look more macho and cool if they are smoking.
hmmm.... i want my guy to be himself when he with me because the originality can change all my perception on him.